US Bank Routing Number

Many people often ask what is a routing number and where can I find the these number? A RTN number is an identification of your location. In other words, it identifies the bank location (where you opened your account) and verifies the authenticity of your transfer.

Now if you are in the United States then you might be thinking how to find US bank routing number? Don’t worry, in this blog, we will discuss how to find these routing number for us bank.

When you want to make a money transfer or wire to another account then you will require a series of digits which is known as routing transit number. Unfortunately, you can’t proceed without these number.

us bank routing number

In case, you entered a wrong transit number, the system will show a halt signal and immediately pause your transfer. These number is, sometimes, also known as RTN (Routing Transit Number) or an ABA routing number (American Bank Association).

Get US Bank Routing Number – State wise List

Till now we know how important is rtn number for making a transaction now where you can find the usbank routing number? Don’t worry, below is the list of states and their RTN number.

State / RegionRTN number
California – Northern121122676
California – Southern122235821
Colorado – Aspen*102101645
Colorado – all other region102000021
Illinois – Northern071904779
Illinois – Southern081202759
Iowa – Council Bluffs104000029
Iowa – all other region073000545
Kentucky – Northern042100175
Kentucky – Western083900363
Minnesota – East Grand Forks*091215927
Minnesota – Moorhead091300023
Minnesota – all other region091000022
Missouri – Western101200453
Nebraska (+ Council Bluffs, IA)104000029
New Mexico107002312
North Dakota (+ Moorhead, MN)091300023
Ohio – Cleveland041202582
Ohio – all other region042000013
South Dakota091408501
All other states091000022

Before you proceed the transaction, make sure that you check all the information twice and thrice especially the receiver’s account number and their transit number. You never know just a small mistake can spell a big disaster.

Is The Routing Number Same For All States?

No, you can’t use one transit number for all region (there are some exceptions for few states). Its mention before that RTN number is an identification of the location from where you are sending money. If you use one or different routing transit number than the routing number you were supposed to use then it will create a lot of problem for you as well as for the bank.

us bank routing number state list ca oh mn il nv ut az tn ky io

Every state has its own routing transit number. You need to check carefully your state and the us bank routing number. Below we had shortlisted some of the most searched states with its number:

California – CA

121122676 – Northern California
122235821 – Southern California

Ohio – OH

041202582 – Cleveland
042000013 – Other regions in Ohio

MN – Minnesota

091215927 – East grand forks
091300023 – Moorhead
091000022 – Other regions in Minnesota

Illinois – IL

071904779 – Northern Illinois
081202759 – Southern Illinois

Nevada – NV




AZ – Arizona


TN – Tennessee


KY – Kentucky

042100175 – Northern Kentucky
083900363 – Western Kentucky


104000029 – Council Bluffs
073000545 – Other regions in IOWA

What Is A SWIFT Code And What Is The US SWIFT Code?

Basically, when you are making a domestic wire transfer then you will just need us bank routing number alone but in case you want to make a wire transfer overseas then you will need SWIFT Code along with the RTN Number.

SWIFT stands for Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication code. This code is internationally recognized for all banks around this globe. It contains 8 – 11 alphanumeric characters which identify your bank.

us bank swift code


If you are receiving an international wire transfer then following are the things that you need to submit:

  • Sender name (which will appear on your account)
  • Your account number
  • U.S. Bank SWIFT code (which is USBKUS44IMT)

Do note that SWIFT code is used for incoming wire transfer only and it can’t be used for other bank transactions.

How Can I Find My US Account Number?

Till now, we understand that these routing number is the same for the whole region. For example, you are living in Kansas and you want to transfer money to your family and friends. RTN number will be the same which means you can even ask anyone and they will tell you with no hesitation (if they remember the code).

Unlike the routing number, the account number is different for everyone. In other words, your account number is a unique number set which you need to keep it privately. People will surely tell you the RTN number but if you ask account number to them, they can’t tell you because account number is personal and meant to be confidential.

How can you find your U.S. account number? It is pretty much easy. The easiest way to look for account number is bank statements or checks. Both of them contains your account number.

In case of checks, check the bottom left corner of your check. Did you spot some random numbers? Yes? Then you are near to your answer. The first 9 – 10 digits set is your routing transit number but if you look at another set of 10 – 12 digits, that is your account number.

In case you are wondering what does the third set of the means then it is the check number.

There is a rare probability that the account number and check number are reversed in some bank’s checkbook but it shouldn’t be a problem for you. The reason is that the check digits vary from 2 – 3 numbers while account number varies from 10 – 12 numbers so you can spot the difference.

You can also find the account number from the online banking website. Just login in your account (provided by the bank) and then you can easily find your account number. Even if both methods didn’t work for you then you can always contact your bank, they will be glad to serve you.

Conclusion : This bank is the most common bank in United States. For security purposes, these US bank routing number has different numbers for different states. These numbers are mentioned above but even if you are having troubles or you can’t find your state then you need to contact to nearest US bank.

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