UFCU Routing Number

University Federal Credit Union is the largest credit union in Austin, Texas. It is locally owned and it provides with many products as well as member services to their users. Those products include UFCU online banking, credit cards, insurance, UFCU mobile banking, and loans.

If you are an account holder in UFCU and you want to transfer money, deposit, or to make payroll payments then you will need to provide university federal credit union routing number. As a matter of fact, if you own an account in UFCU and want to transfer money to another UFCU account, you will need this number.

university federal credit union routing number
university federal credit union routing number

(University Federal Credit Union) UFCU Routing Number

A routing number is a set of digits which you need to provide at the time of wiring money. It contains data about where the transaction should be processed. It is also known as ABA routing number and in some cases routing transit number.

These numbers are different for banks or financial institutes. There will be cases where the same banks will have a different transit number for different states. In our case, routing number for ufcu is only one number. In other words, you can use this routing transit number in any state to carry out a transaction.

Routing Number for UFCU



ufcu routing number
ufcu routing number

Find Your University Federal Credit Union Routing Number?

Do you still have problems with finding routing number for UFCU? Don’t worry, there are multiple steps of finding the transit number. The easiest way to check or to find your RTN number is through your check. Take your checkbook and take a look at your check. On the bottom left corner of your check, you must have spotted three sets of numbers, right? The first set of numbers indicates your routing transit number. You can even confirm it, transit number consists of 9 digits and it also has 9 digits.

In case if you are wondering what other sets of numbers means then the second set indicates your account number. It is the number of your specific account. The last set of number is known as the check number. Basically, they are just a verification of the check. In other words, it will show either your check is fake or not.

You can also find your routing transit number by calling the branch of UFCU or you can even visit their branch. This method is the best method to find your ufcu routing number. Furthermore, if you have any other confusion, you can clear them by talking to their customer support.

routing number for ufcu on check
routing number for ufcu on check

How is Routing Number Used?

A routing number is a method of security. It ensures that your money goes to the right place. Furthermore, you should remember your RTN number. Just a small switch of number can create a lot of trouble. Check twice or thrice after entering all the information so that if you made any mistake (accidentally), you can rectify it.

A routing transit number is mostly used for wire transfer. In wire transfer, there is a lot of information that needs to be filled and one of them is transit number. RTN numbers ensures that the money is going to the wanted location. Furthermore, it ensures that the money isn’t going for a wrong cause such as money laundering, etc.

Wire Transfer

UFCU allows its users to conduct a wire transfer. In addition, wire transfer is the fastest way to send money. Moreover, it is a very safe method to send money. You don’t need to worry since UFCU will ensure that the money goes to the right place.

To send finds, you need to submit an outgoing domestic wire request. To submit the request, you need to do the following things.

  1. Verify your identity (you need to answer a few security questions)
  2. Fill the wire request form
  3. Add a digital signature to your form

There are specific timings for sending and receiving funds otherwise your request will proceed the next business day. Your outgoing transfer request should be before 1:30 PM and in case of incoming transfer, you should receive it before 3 PM. If you follow the timings then your request will proceed the same day otherwise the next business day.

UFCU charges some dollars as their fees for transferring money. If you are going for an outgoing domestic transfer then it will cost you 12$ for each transfer. If you are receiving a transfer from any institute then it will cost you 3$. Please note that UFCU doesn’t offer outgoing international transfer anymore.

University Federal Credit Union provides its customers with amazing services. The famous part of University Federal Credit Union is the amazing security services. You can send or receive money in just one click. Ensure you wrote the right account number as well as ufcu routing number.

In addition, you should learn all the confidential information and don’t share it with anyone. You should be the only one to know that information that is why it is called confidential information.

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