TD Bank Routing Number

TD Bank Routing Number: In the event that you have working financial records with TD Bank, at that point sooner or later you should recognize about your directing number. In banking terminology, it is additionally once in a while alluded to as the ABA number.

For instance, whenever you set up employee automatic bill pay or direct deposit, it is asked to provide your routing as well as the account number. Also when you send or get a wire transfer and when you request new checks, these two numbers will likewise be needed.

td bank routing number

With respect to your routing number, it isn’t constantly given to you as unmistakably and as forthright. You have to know where to find it. But you may realize your TD Bank record number since it was sent to you via the post office when you originally opened the record.

Luckily, for TD Bank, it is extremely simple to discover your transferring number. The banks manages these numbers with respect to its area. Depending on the opening of the account not where you are present currently, the area segment alludes.

The numbers refer to the corresponding names like “Paper” is used to show non-electronic usage, for example, requesting checks and “Electronic” deals with the electronic installments, for example, direct deposit, ACH and other payments which are on an automatic basis.

TD Bank Routing Number – What & How to check ?

The structure of the routing number for td bank is much simpler just as that of other banks, below is the more details:

  • Initial four digits used to represent the Federal Reserve routing symbol
  • Where two of these are reserved for the position of the bank in 12 Federal Reserve regions
  • From further four digits, the ABA institute can be identified
  • Now the remaining last number is essential in terms of checking whether the given routing number is valid or not.
  • Most of the small banks and credit unions possess only one routing number.
  • Those banks which contain the area-particular regions or digits contain more than one routing numbers, these banks are usually national banks.
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Check TD Bank Routing Number

In order to check a td routing number, there are viable approaches. On the off chance that you have known state wherein your record was opened in, at that point you simply required to have a look at the mentioned outline. It is the vital role of the location of your opening account initially.

Additionally, in the event of possessing a  Checkbook, at that point, the routing number is visible at the most right bottom side. Assume on the off chance that there is no checkbook available to you and you do not get the idea about your account opening TD bank branch, in that case, there is only one way to get your requirement that is to contact customer support team of the bank.

An individual from the support team would help you to locate your careful routing number. Also in case you got a Bank check book, the finding of routing number is not the big task. The routing number contains 9-numbers.

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Above given image shows the two checks, the check on the left side is for personal and the one on the right side is for business. From the highlighted portion everyone can easily find out their bank routing number on the possession of check-book. In case you lost your checkbook or you are somewhere away from your office or home, then how you are going to find out your routing number?

Philadelphia PA

  • Routing Number: 036001808


  • Routing Number: 011600033

New York (Long island)

  • Routing Number: 021302567 / 026013673


  • Routing Number: 211370545

In that situation you can visit online webpages to find your routing number, below is the list of routing number of all the states of the USA, you can find your routing number with respect to your state:

State Routing number State Routing number
Maine 211274450 Florida 067014822
Connecticut 011103093 Massachusetts 211370545
Rhode Island 211370545 Virginia 054001725
Maryland 054001725 District of Columbia 054001725
New Hampshire 011400071 New Jersey 031201360
Delaware 031201360 New York – Metro NYC 026013673
New York – Upstate NY 021302567 Pennsylvania 036001808
South Carolina 053902197 North Carolina 053902197
Vermont 011600033 Metro 054001725

For Wire Transfer – Which TD Routing Number to use?

In every state or in those states where the Bank possesses branches, they have their own routing number for each state/region. As per the policy of the Bank, there is the division of the customers based on their initially opening accounts.

Other than the check number, there are the wire transfers routing number in the TD Bank. There are international business codes named as SWIFT codes which are the identifier codes for banks to deal with the international bank wires.

For ACH transfers – Which TD Bank Routing number to use?

These ACH routing numbers must always be included in order to start the transaction to any TD Bank account for sending ACH transfer. ACH transfer is different from the state to state and is used in sending domestic ACH transfer. Also, note that it is also necessary to use the ACH routing number whenever there is an ACH transaction for Bank Account.

In SWIFT codes also known as identifier codes, there are eleven numbers as well as letters along with these numbers. In order to perform transaction of money, you need to use domestic wire transfer for that wire bank routing number is necessary and also to perform this kind of action SWIFT codes are required. Below are the numbers for the TD Bank wire transfer:

Wire Transfer Type TD Bank Routing number
International Wire Transfer
to TD Bank account anywhere in USA
Domestic Wire Transfer within Any Bank 031101266

This article covers the basics of the td bank routing number, where the main focus is on the approaches to get the routing number for td bank. Along with that, there is the list of the states with respect to their routing number so that the viewers can easily find td routing number corresponding to their states.

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