SunTrust Routing Number

Opening and transferring money through wire transfer looks easy, right? But when you try to do a bank transfer or open a new fresh account in a bank makes you tired, right? That is because of too many information and filling forms with signatures and stamps. One of the major banks in the southeastern United States is SunTrust.

It only operates in the southeastern United States with different branches. The cover almost 11 states and Washington, D.C. If you have an account in SunTrust (in other words, you are a customer of SunTrust) or maybe you want to send someone money who has an account in SunTrust, then you need to find SunTrust routing number.

suntrust routing number

A routing number is a combination of digits which ranges from 8 – 10 digits. It ensures that your money went to the right bank because the routing number is an identification of that specific bank. In conclusion, without routing number, you can’t make a direct transfer.

Get your SunTrust Routing Number

There are 2 simple methods for finding routing number for suntrust. The first one is the check method. When you have opened an account, you will get a checkbook (if you paid for a checkbook). Take a look at that check, did you find a series of digits on the bottom left corner of check? Yes? Then you are very close to the routing number.

Now check the first series of combination. Does that combination digit vary from 8 – 10 digits? Yes? Then congratulations! That is your routing number. In case you are wondering what other two series of combination of digits means then the second series of combination is your account number. Your account number is an identification that your account exists in the specific bank. The last 2 – the 3-digit combination is the check digits. It is just a verification that your check is legitimate or not.

routing number for suntrust

The other method is checking from the online banking website. Go to SunTrust online banking website. Enter the password and ID which the the bank gave to you. Beware! Do not share your internet banking details with anyone! Once you login in your account, you can easily check the routing number in your account details.

State list for Suntrust Routing Number

  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Virginia
  • Tennessee


Still having troubles? Don’t worry, although the bank uses ONLY ONE Routing number which is “061000104” but unfortunately it is for some states. Those states are:

  • Alabama
  • Arkansas
  • District of Columbia
  • Maryland
  • Mississippi
  • North Carolina
  • South Carolina
  • West Virginia

SWIFT Code Of SunTrust:

In case if you want to send money overseas then you will require SWIFT code as well. In other words, for sending money internationally (either in dollars or in other country’s currency) then you will need suntrust routing number as well as SWIFT code.

The routing number for conducting a wire transfer internationally is “061000104” and the

SWIFT code is “SNTRUS3A”.

suntrust swift code

Difference Between ACH And ABA Routing Numbers?

Many people get confused in ACH and ABA. Automated Clearing House (ACH) routing numbers are specially made for electronic transactions among credit union, financial institution and banks. They are a series of nine digits and they are typically used for clearing regular payment, for example, direct debits, deposits, etc. An ACH Transit number, every number is unique and it identifies its clearing house.

The American Bankers Association (ABA) RTN number is the same number on your check and in the online banking account. This number is used for paper check transfers, domestic and international wire transfer. Following is the breakdown for both routing numbers:

  • ABA routing number is for domestic wire transfer.
  • Not every ABA routing numbers are electronic or paper check routing numbers but there are some.
  • Not all ACH routing numbers are ABA routing numbers.
  • In some cases, ACH rtn numbers are ABA transit numbers.
  • Not all wire rtn numbers are ABA transit number.
  • In some banks, paper check, domestic wire transit numbers, as well as ACH, might be same but it is not for all banks.
  • Mostly, you will find that paper check transit numbers and ACH are the same but, in a few cases, you might find them different.
  • It isn’t unusual to have a different rtn number for both, wire transfers and ACH.

Difference Between IBAN Number And Account Number?

The RTN number is sort of common in your states. This means that almost every bank account holder knows the same routing number as you do. If you even ask anyone the routing number, he/she won’t hesitate to tell you the transit number but what about account number or IBAN? That is personal information.

An account number or IBAN is your account information. It verifies that your account exists in that specific bank. If you want to transfer money or receive it then it is necessary that you provide your account number or IBAN.

Although you can send or receive money through both, from IBAN as well as account number there are few differences. The most common difference is the usage, IBAN (Internationally Bank Account Number) is mostly used to send or receive money from overseas. The account number is only used for domestic wire transfer. This means that if you want to receive money from overseas then the sender needs to know your IBAN number.

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