PNC Routing Number

Every bank or financial institute has its RTN number which is an identification of that bank. Before transferring money, you need to provide all the information like name, address, account number and routing transit number of the bank. This article will help you to find the PNC bank routing number for your region/state.

PNC Bank Routing Number by Region:

pnc routing number
  • New Jersey031207607
  • Ohio 042000398 / 041000124
  • Illinois 071921891
  • Pennsylvania (Pittsburgh) – 043000096
  • Michigan 041000124
  • Florida 267084199
  • Indiana 043000096
  • Maryland 054000030
  • Kentucky 083000108
  • Delaware 031100089
  • Virginia 054000030
  • Alabama 043000096

PNC State-wise Bank Routing Number list:

The below table contain the complete pnc bank state list with its routing number.

StateRouting Number
Alabama 043000096
New Jersey031207607
North Carolina043000096
South Carolina053100850
Washington DC054000030
West Virginia271971560

In case if you need any assistance, call the customer support team.

  • 1–800-PNC-Bank
  • 1–888-PNC-Bank

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How to find PNC Routing Number:

There is nothing to worry about if you can’t find your region’s transit number on that list. There are many ways of finding the RTN number. The easiest way of finding the PNC Routing number is through a check.

  • Bank CHECK: Take out your check and look at the left corner of the check. There will be 3 sets of numbers, the first set of number (9 digits) is your RTN number. Then the second set of digits is your account number and the last set of numbers (mostly 2-3 digits) is the check number.
how to find pnc routing number on check
  • Internet Banking: First of all, you need to access your internet banking. After you log in, under your “Account Activity” tab, along with your account number you will get routing number as well.
  • Customer Care Support: Still, having trouble? Call the customer care number –
    • 1–800-PNC-Bank
    • 1–888-PNC-Bank
  • Visit the nearby PNC Bank Branch: Ask any representative to help you.

PNC Online Banking Service

Online banking is the best service provided by a bank or financial institute. The best part of online banking is that you don’t need to visit the bank (in case if your bank is far from home) just to make a transaction. All you need is the internet and a laptop and you can have your bank at home.

pnc routing number online banking

Things to do with Internet Banking?

You can pay your bills through internet banking services. No need to write checks or remembering passwords as well as user names at multiple biller sites. The biggest advantage is that it is free of cost! Just a very small amount of money will be deducted and sometimes not. It will provide email alerts on everything such as login, transaction, etc.

You don’t need to save the transaction statement because they are already saved in your account. PNC also provides its users with download transaction statements as a pdf file.

We hope this article on routing number of pnc bank for your particular region/state should have helped you to find the right routing number on check for your transaction. If you have any problem, do comment below.

What is the PNC New Jersey routing number?


What is the routing number for PNC Bank in Maryland?

PNC Maryland – 054000030

How do I find my PNC Bank Routing Number?

Find the routing numbers of pnc bank from the below options:

  1. Check leaf / Passbook
  2. Online Banking
  3. Call Customer care
What is the swift code for PNC Bank?

Swift code for PNC Bank – United States is PNCCUS33XXX

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