MACU Routing Number

When you want to receive the money you need to submit certain records like your name, account number and transit number of your bank. In this blog post, you will find the macu routing number for any state/region.

Mountain America Credit Union (MACU) is a federally chartered credit union through which you can transfer or receive money. Their headquarters is located in Sandy, Utah. It is considered as the second-largest credit union in Utah. According to the records of April 2018, It had 740,000 members with over 90 branches.

Routing Number For MACU Bank is 32407955

mountain america credit union routing number
Routing Number for Mountain America Credit Union

How to Find MACU Routing Number in Bank?

These numbers are a series of 9 digits that you need while carrying out wire transactions. Every bank has different routing transit numbers and few banks have different transit numbers for different states.

Mountain America Credit Union Routing Number is 324079555

In the case of this bank, it has only one RTN number for all its states. In other words, you can use that Mountain America credit union routing number no matter in which state you are.

How is Routing Number Used In MACU?

You will see the RTN number while carrying out any wire transactions. ABA Routing number is just a security measure to ensure that your money is going to the correct account. Always ensure that you submit the right transit number otherwise you might face some problem with your transaction. That is why we recommend you to always check twice or thrice before you submitting the routing transit number.

macu routing number
Macu routing number

In addition, when you log in to your online account using online banking service or you went to the bank for sending money, you will be given a form to fill. In that form, you need to find transit number field as well as other information such as account number, your name, etc.,

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How to Conduct a Wire Transfer?

Bank allows their members to use wire transfer method to send or receive money. Furthermore, wire transfer is the fastest way to send or receive money.

Sending a wire transfer from your MACU account

In order to transfer money from another bank account to your Mountain America account, you need to provide some information for both, international and domestic wire. Below is the set of information required:

  • Your account number
  • RTN number (given above)
  • MACU’s phone number as well as address
    (which is 9800 S Monroe St., Sandy, UT 84070 & 1800-748-4302)
  • It doesn’t have a SWIFT code

Receiving a wire transfer to your MACU account

To receive the transfer, you will require full wiring instructions from the receiving bank or institution.

How to Transfer Funds to Another Person’s Mountain America Account?

It is possible that you can transfer money to your friends and family who have a Mountain America account. In order to transfer funds through Online Banking, you should know the receiver’s full account number, full name (at least the surname or business name) as well as share ID. Below are the steps to send funds.

  1. Log in to Mountain America’s Online Branch
  2. Click on the tab which says “Transfers & Payments”
  3. In the From Account option, select the account from which you want to send money
  4. Under To Account, select + Transfer to another MACU member
  5. Enter all the information
  6. Click Submit Transfer
  7. You might be asked to perform one-time PIN verification
  8. Click on confirm
  9. Now you can send any amount, as long as it doesn’t exceed your limit.

For MACU Bank Routing number is essential for transferring money and it might be a long process that involves so many instructions to follow. Find any routing number check, it ensures that the money, you want to transfer, goes to the right account. To ensure this, these instructions are needed to be followed exactly like the instructed.

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