Key Bank Routing Number

Let’s suppose you want to send money to your friends or family through bank transfer. The fastest way available is wire transfer. To conduct a wire transfer, you need to provide them some information such as your name, receiver’s name, etc.

This information is collected to ensure the safety of the money transfer. When you will be providing information to the banker then you surely encounter routing number.

keybank routing number
keybank routing number

A RTN number is a series of digits which is an identification of a bank. These number is also known as ABA routing number and routing transit number. The nine numbers are issued by Federal Reserve. It makes sure that the money transfers to the right place.

Routing Number for Key Bank

Every bank has its own transit number. As a matter of fact, the same bank in different states has different routing transit number as well. Key Bank Routing Number varies with different states.

Don’t worry, we will provide you the list of RTN number for different states.

Remember that you need to input the exact routing transit number of your state otherwise, it can create a lot of troubles for you. Below is the list of transit number with their states.

KeyBank Routing Number (PA, Washington, NewYork)

key bank routing number
key bank routing number
StateABA Routing Number
New York — Albany021300077 or 222370440
New York — Buffalo022000839 or 222370440
New York — Hudson Valley021906934 or 222370440
Ohio — Columbus044000642
Ohio — Northeast041001039
Ohio — Northwest041200089
Ohio — Southwest042200295
Pennsylvania (PA)222370440

Furthermore, if you notice that in a few states there are two numbers can be used for transfer. You can use either of them but don’t mix them. There is no need to worry about using another number for transfer which might create any problem. It is always safe, and secure when you use these numbers.

How to Find Key Bank Routing Number?

In case if you can’t find you state in the above list, for some reason, then there is no need to worry because there are other ways to find your RTN number as well. The easiest method to find your keybank routing number is through your checkbook. Take out your checkbook and look at the left corner of your check. Did you find some sets of digits? If yes then you are pretty close.

The first set of 9 digits is your transit number. In case if you are wondering that what other sets of number mean than the second set of number is your account number. The third set of number is the check number. In addition, the check number is just an authentication method which will tell that either check is valid or not.

keybank routing number on check
keybank routing number on check

Even if you are having troubles in finding your RTN number then the last option is that you can visit their branch or you can call them. However, visiting the branch is a better option. They will be glad to help you with your problem.

How to Use Routing Number

Before we start how you can use your RTN number, it is necessary to know where you will be using your transit number. You need to present your routing transit number when you are doing any transaction or sending money through wire transfer. Moreover, a routing number is just a measurement to ensure safe money transfer.

When you went to the counter of bank or you log-in in your online banking account to transfer money then you see an option of routing number. You need to enter the exact transit number which is issued for your state. Double or triple check while entering the routing transit number to ensure that you wrote right RTN number.

How to Conduct Wire Transfer Using Routing Number

KeyBank allows you to send your money fast and secure through wire transfer. You can either send or receive money from a foreign country or USA. If you are transferring money within the USA then you will conduct a domestic wire transfer. In case, you want to send money overseas then you have to make an international wire transfer.

International Wire Transfer :

Through international wire transfer, you can send your money to foreign countries. To conduct an international wire transfer you will not only need a routing number but a SWIFT code as well. Do remember that USA banks don’t use IBAN account number instead they require a SWIFT code to proceed a wire transfer. Below is the set of information required for incoming international transaction.

Bank Name:KeyBank NA
SWIFT Code for KeyBank:KEYBUS33
Routing Transit Number:Find your routing transit number in the above chart
Bank Address, City & State:KeyBank NA
127 Public Square,
Cleveland, OH 44114
(regardless of where your account is located)
Beneficiary Account Number:Your complete KeyBank account number
(including leading zeros)
Beneficiary Name:Your account name which appears on the bank statement.
Domestic Wire Transfer :

In case you want to send money within the USA then you need to conduct a domestic wire transfer. It is a lot easier than international wire transfer. Below is the set of information for incoming domestic wire transfer.

Bank Name:KeyBank NA
Wire Transfer Transit Number:Find your RTN number in the above chart
Account Holder Name:Your Name
Account Number:Your Bank Account Number
Bank Address, with City & State:KeyBank NA
127 Public Square,
Cleveland, OH 44114
(regardless of where your account is located)

Every bank, like the key bank has its own transit number. You can’t neglect these keybank routing number, as a matter of fact, you can’t neglect any kind of information provided by the bank. The information should remain confidential and shouldn’t be discussed with anyone.

You need to be careful, there are many scammers and bogus websites or pages out there. Don’t fall in their trap, stay safe and don’t share your confidential information with anyone.

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