DCU Routing Number

Digital Federal Credit Union (DCU) priorities its member first with amazing benefits such as free ATM transaction, free checkbook and many more. But to carry out transactions, you need to know the RTN number. Don’t worry if you don’t know what is DCU Bank routing number? In this article, we will talk about how to find these routing transit number for your DCU Bank

DCU Routing Number on Check

dcu routing number

What Is DCU?

Digital Federal Credit Union is a non-profit financial company which is under the command of its members. It was established in October 1979. Soon after the opening of DCU, more than 700 companies and organization choose DCU. Today, DCU provides its services up to 800,000 members as well as their families in all 50 states.

The headquarter of DCU is in Marlborough, Massachusetts. Furthermore, DCU is known as the largest credit union. Moreover, account-holders can access their accounts through the internet, ATMs, and telephone. In addition, they can also access their account through community branches in Massachusetts.

DCU Bank Services

Following are the wide variety of services that DCU provides to their customers as well as businesses:

  • Customer banking as well as lending services. This includes savings, equity loans, credit cards, mortgages and many more.
  • Business banking and lending services. This includes savings, business loans, commercial and other services.
  • DCU Insurance
  • DCU Realty

How Routing Number Is Used In Banks?

Before we start how these RTN number is used in banks, you need to know what is a routing number. It is a series of 9 digits which identifies where your bank account was opened. A Transit number is also known as the American Bankers Association. In addition, it is used while doing a transaction or money transfer.

There will be several situations where you need to provide a transit number. Let’s take an example that you want to send money to your friends or family who live abroad. To transfer money overseas, you will need to provide your RTN number with a SWIFT code. Thanks to these numbers, now transactions are easier and safer.

DCU Routing Number

Every financial institution or bank has its routing transit number (RTN). This series of number code was issued by the U.S. Federal Reserve. You won’t find the same number for two different banks, as a matter of fact, you might find the different number for the same bank of a different state.

The Routing number for DCU is 211391825.


dcu bank routing number

No matter in which state you are, you can use the above transit number to make a transaction. Now there is no barrier for carrying out any kind of transaction.

Steps To Carryout Wire Transfer

Thanks to internet banking, now we can send or receive money by sitting at home. No needs for checks or wait for opening hours of bank, just an internet connection and laptop and you can send money to anyone.

Furthermore, you can even access the internet banking feature through a mobile app. The biggest advantage is that the processing is very quick. In other words, the delivery service is very fast, no matter where you are sitting or what time is it, you can send your money.

Furthermore, you need to provide some information to the bank. In order to conduct bank transfer, you will need to provide them with:

  1. Your name
  2. The account number of the account from which you want to send money.
  3. The name as well as the address of the bank that will receive the money.
  4. Routing number of the receiving bank.
  5. The SWIFT code of the receiving bank (in case if you are sending money overseas).
  6. The account number as well as the full name of the specific person that you want to send money.
dcu wire transfer procedure

For speeding up the process, you can log in into internet banking and submit the form online. As a matter of fact, many people prefer sending money online because it is safe and easy too. You will find a wire transfer option under Account Manager which you can find in the Payments/Transfers tab.

Below are the steps to receive a wire.

  1. DCU Bank Routing number – 211391825
  2. Receiver’s name
  3. Receiver’s name

Timings And Fees For Making A Wire Transfer

However, you can send money but it will take time to process as well as it might cost you some money. There are two types of transfer, one is domestic and other is international transfer.

In case of domestic, if you send a wire transfer request before 02:00 pm EST then the wire can proceed the same business day. Let’s say you send a wire request after 02:00 pm EST then the receiver will receive your money the next business day.

International wire transfer is also time-dependent. If you made a transfer before 12:00 pm EST then the wire will process the same business day. In case if you made a transfer after 12:00 pm EST then the wiring process will commence on the next business day.

Below is the chart of fees that you need to pay according to the type of transfer:

Incoming Wire TransfersFREE
Outgoing Wire Transfer: 
Outgoing Wire Transfer: 
International Sent in Foreign Currency
Outgoing Wire Transfer: 
International Sent in US Currency

Every bank has its own RTN number and the DUC routing number is 211391825. Make sure you check twice or thrice while entering the transit number otherwise your money might be sent to a wrong place.

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