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Often people (who recently opened a bank account) get troubles in wiring money. The reason is that they don’t know how to wire money. It is not easy like you go to the bank and say that you want to transfer money.

The bank will require a set of information and without that information, you can’t send money. They ask you many things such as name, account number, Citibank routing number (for Citibank) and many other things.

It is indeed frustrating but, to be honest, it is good for you and the receiver/sender. These things are done to ensure the safety of money as well as purposes. The bank makes sure that your money is transfer safely to the receiver.

They also want to know the purposes of transfer because the bank wants to ensure that the money is not going to wrong people such as terrorist or money laundering. It also keeps your record clean so that you stay out of troubles.

citibank routing number

Check CITIBANK Routing number – Region List

In case you want to go for a direct deposit or maybe you want to send cash to your family and friends in the same bank, you might need their account details. However, for these type of money transfer, you will require a Citibank’s routing number.

Citibank Routing Number State (Region) List:

Below is the chart of routing transit numbers (RTN) with their regions.

RegionRTN Number
Northern California — including San Francisco and Central California321171184
Southern California — including Los Angeles and San Diego322271724
New Jersey021272655
New York021000089
Virginia and Washington, D.C.254070116

Moreover, if you can’t find your region or maybe you are not sure where you opened your account then you can always call Citibank at 800-374-9700. They will surely help you instead of making a decision which you might regret later.

citi bank routing number state list ny ca fl socal tx nj

Find Your Citi bank Routing Number Online

In case, if you can’t find your region’s routing number in that table then no need to worry. Citibank allows you to find the routing number online as well! Following are the methods to find your region’s transit number.

  1. Check their page: Citibank has listed these transit numbers for wire transfer and checking accounts. You can always find these RTN number there.
  2. Citibank online banking: Another way to find out these number is through online banking. All you need to do is to log in to your account (bank account) and you can find your number there.
  3. Check or statement: One of the easiest ways to find out the transit number is by the check or bank statement. Take out your check or bank statement and you can find the routing number on check. For check, check at the bottom left corner and you will find a series of number. The first nine digits will be your RTN number.
  4. Fed wire: Last but not least, you can always confirm your transit number through the official website of the Federal Reserve.
citibank routing number on check

The reason for using routing number is to ensure that your payment is sent to recipient safe and sound. Furthermore, the official website is a great place to look for the Citi bank routing number.

Are All Citibank Routing Number Same?

No! For a different region, you need a different ACH transit number to carry out a transaction. You need to use Citi bank routing number according to the transaction that you will make. Moreover, you might need one set of numbers to receive ACH wire transfer and another different number to pay your automated bill.

There is a possibility that a bank might have a few different RTN number. However, you can’t find them because they are never shared with other banks. This security measure is taken to avoid sending payment to the wrong place.

How to send money through international wire transfer

Before you apply for money wire, you might consider reading how to transfer money internationally or overseas. Sending money overseas is different than domestic. In other words, the whole procedure, as well as data, is different for internationally wire transfer. In fact, an international wire is more complicated, for you as well as the bank, then domestic wire.

Following is the information you will need to know for making an international wire transfer.

  • The beneficiary’s full name
  • The location as well as the name of the beneficiary’s bank
  • The beneficiary’s account number
  • The SWIFT or BIC code (SWIFT is also known as Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication code)
  • The CHIPS UID (also known as Clearing House Interbank Payments System Universal Identifier)

Citibank Routing Number for Wire Transfer

A routing number is a very important piece of information which you should know for sending a wire transfer. Just a small change in these number can cause failure in the wire transfer. Be sure to check twice and thrice when you input these number as well as beneficiary’s account number.

In case for domestic wire transfer, you only need the ABA routing transit number but if you want to send money overseas then not just only you need ABA routing number but you will also need SWIFT code. The swift code is CITIUS33.

citibank swift code
Swift code of Citibank


Citi bank Routing Number for ACH Transfer

You need to add ACH transit number to carry out an ACH transfer to any Citibank account. Furthermore, you need to use the ACH routing number for domestic transfer. The ACH number can be found from the above table.

Conclusion : Citibank has a different routing transit number for different states. These citibank routing number are shown above in the table but even if you can’t spot your region’s RTN number then there is no need to worry. You can easily find your RTN number by calling the bank customer care.

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