Chase Routing Number

Confused with what Chase Routing number to use for your wire transfer? Then this blog post will be useful to find the routing number for your region. All the information you find in this article is curated from the official bank website. The questions are like where and how to find the routing number for chase banks?

From the below list you will get chase bank routing number by region:

chase routing number
  • California – 322271627
  • Texas – 111000614
  • Illinois – 071000013
  • Florida – 267084131
  • Arizona – 122100024
  • New York (Downstate) – 021000021
  • New York (Upstate) – 022300173
  • Michigan – 072000326
  • Ohio – 044000037
  • Indiana – 074000010
  • Louisiana – 065400137
  • Washington – 325070760
  • Utah – 124001545

Complete States/Region List

Here is the list of routing number and region to know your routing number corresponding to your regions like Texas, Florida, Illinois, and others are listed below:

ABA Routing Numbers
State Routing Number State Routing Number
Arizona 122100024 Colorado 102001017
California 322271627 Connecticut 021100361
New York – Downstate 021000021 Idaho 123271978
New York – Upstate 022300173 Illinois 071000013
Florida 267084131 Louisiana 065400137
Georgia 061092387 Nevada 322271627
Oregon 325070760 New Jersey 021202337
Texas 111000614 Ohio 044000037
Indiana 074000010 Oklahoma 103000648
Kentucky 083000137 Michigan 072000326
Utah 124001545 West Virginia 051900366
Washington 325070760 Wisconsin 075000019

For more details, Refer Chase Bank Website

What is Chase Routing Number?

For a specific area, Chase Bank Routing Number is considered as an identification of a particular branch of the Bank. Chase RTN number differentiates the bank located at different regions, it is the number provided to the particular chase bank in the particular location.

chase routing number

Customers use the routing number for the chase in order to make wire transfers. Other than that in order to deal with the bill payments, Fed Wire Fund transfers and performing direct deposits by ACH (Automated Clearing House). Also, for managing other such automated transfers, Federal Reserve Banks use this number.

Methods to Discover Chase Bank Routing Number

For each transaction, it is the known fact that the chase routing number is very important. Hence it is necessary to have confirmation of using the right RTN for every transaction. The following are some methods in order to find the correct transit number for the transactions:

  • Bank Check
  • Online Banking
  • Mobile App

Using a Bank Check

There are three numbers digitally printed side by side on the bottom of your bank check, by checking these numbers it’s easy to find the routing number on check. The very first number which is enclosed with the symbol “|:” is the Chase Transit Number, the number after this ending symbol is the Bank Account Number and Check Serial Number is the last number in this sequence. Shown in the image below:

chase bank routing number on check

From this image shown above, the number “123456789” is the Chase Routing Number with the length of 9-digit, near to that is Personal Account Number. At last, we have the Check number at the end.

Using Online Banking

After having access to Online Banking, it is very easy to find your RTN for the bank. Following are the steps for this process of discovering chase aba routing number through Online banking:

  1. Visit the system for Online Banking and Enter your username and password.
  2. Go the Account Details Page by clicking on the My Accounts option.
  3. In the account details page, you will find your various details, scroll down until you reach the Account Information Section
  4. Here in the section of Account Information, you will see the routing number for the particular branch.
routing number chase

Hence with all the above steps, you can find your Chase texas routing number, without any much effort.

Using Chase Mobile App

You can possibly find the number in the Mobile Banking application as well.

  • Open the Chase Mobile App and enter your banking credentials to sign in.
  • Now go to your account option.
  • From the Account Summary tab, just go there you could get the Routing Number.

In order to identify the particular branch of the Chase bank, the chase routing number is used. This number is 9-digits which can be founded on the check, bank website, and online banking service. If you have any problem with wire transfer with chase bank, then feel free to contact the customer representative.

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