BECU Routing Number

These number are very essential transit numbers which need to be used in order to transfer any amount to any bank. So if you want to transfer money through wire transfer or direct deposit then these rtn number are important. In some cases, swift code is mandatory.


With the help of BECU (Boeing Employee’s Credit Union) account, you can either receive or send an international or domestic wire transfer. Before using this, it is necessary to know everything about the company because you never know what small piece of information can be very important to you.

becu routing number

BECU Routing Number and How Can I Find It?


This RTN Transit number is for domestic wire transfer. This means that if you want to send domestic wire transfer then you will use this number to transfer money from your account to another account.

Now you must be wondering what if you want to do an international wire transfer? Well no problem then, the becu international routing number is 325081403. This means that if you want to wire money due to any reason internationally then you will use the above routing number. These numbers are specified and you have to use the given number otherwise you will be tangled in many problems.

becu routing number on check

The international wire transfer means “for further credit” transfer. In other words, your money will first go through an intermediary bank. Once they show clearance then your money will be transferred to the final beneficiary.

BECU Swift Code


You can also lookup the routing number on BECU check (if you have one). Look at the bottom left corner of your check, do you see a set of nine numbers altogether? Yes, that is your routing number.

Do make sure, when you are entering the routing number, that you check twice and thrice when you entered the routing number otherwise it will show you an error.

becu swift code explained

If you are wondering what is besides that routing number, that set of numbers represent another banking information. That set of numbers does look familiar to you? Because that is your bank account number.

The last numbers are called check numbers. You will find these numbers different on every check. The reason for adding these numbers is to check the authenticity of the check. Although this number is for the banker use you should at least know what they do.

BECU Routing Number for ACH Transfer

In case, if you want to transfer money from ACH to any BECU account then you need to add ACH routing number. Furthermore, this number is necessary otherwise you cannot send or wire any money from ACH transfer to any BECU account. However, you can send domestic ACH transfer only.


becu ach transfer routing number

What Is a Wire Transfer?

A wire transfer (also known as electronic money transfer) is a method from which you can send fund across a network which many transfer service agencies, as well as banks, administered around the globe. In other words, you can easily send money to your loved ones sitting at your home at any time.

In conclusion, we can safely transfer money to anyone around the world.

Types of wire transfers and associated cost

A wire transfer can take up to two business days to process your money transfer while an electronic form of payment can take more than a few days. Although electronic form might look like wire transfer it is not actually. There are two types of wire transfer.

  1. Domestic Transfer
  2. International Transfer
becu wire transfer
Domestic Wire Transfer

The word domestic tells that you will be transferring your money within your country’s bank. There is not much difference between domestic transfer and internationally transfer. The advantage of domestic transfer is time.

If you initiated a wire transfer (domestic in type) then the initiation will take less time and the money will transfer to receiver account within just a few hours. The domestic wire transfer must clear the domestic ACH and then it will go forward otherwise the transfer will be a failure and waste of time.

International Wire Transfer

The international wire transfer is used when you need to send money out of your country. You can’t use domestic wire transfer for sending money foreign country. The bank will automatically use the legal international wire transfer method to send your money foreign.

In case of time taken, the bank or finance institution will take at least 2 business days to transfer your money. The condition for international wire transfer is that it should clear a domestic ACH as well as it’s a foreign equivalent which adds more time to the process.  

Which BECU Routing Number Should I Use?

BECU Routing number depends upon your transaction. In other words, you should first look at the type of transaction then use the transit number according to your transaction type. However, you need only one number to receive ACH transfer and another routing number to pay automated bills.

A bank has a few different routing numbers. They don’t share their routing numbers with other banks. The reason is that it helps them to ensure that your payment ends up where you expected it.

Security Measurements on BECU Routing Number

The moto behind wire transfer is to transfer money safe and secure as long as you are sending to the right person. Everyone who is involved in the wire transfer has to prove their identity. This measurement is taken to avoid anonymous transfers.

If you are a resident of the United States then your international wire transfers are monitored by the Office of Foreign Assets Control. It is an agency of U.S. Treasury which confirms that money (that you are sending overseas) is not been sent to terrorist activities or for money laundering purposes.

In case of that, the wire transfer will trigger an alarm bell which will alert the officials and sender, as well as the receiver, can be in some big troubles.

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