Bank of America Routing Number

Bank of America Routing Number: Bank of America abbreviated as BofA is the second biggest Banking establishment after JP Morgan Chase in the States. This American Multinational is an investment banking related organization headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina United States, and provides financial services.

Furthermore, it has a wide presence in major urban communities like New York, London, Hong-Kong, Minneapolis, and Toronto. It is the thirteenth biggest organization in the field of market capitalization and the sixth biggest American Public organization.

It is in a direct challenge with the BofA, Citigroup and JP Morgan Chase. Shaped in 1998, through the NationsBank’s obtaining of Bank America still remains steadfast and is one among the best financial services supplier in the states.

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Bank of America gives its full scope of services and products to clients through working 5100 banking centers and largely 16300 ATMs, in addition, to call centers and furthermore web-based mobile banking alongside versatile online banking platform. In this bank, saving bank account and checking account rates are much lower as compared to other banks. It has more branches and ATM per state as compared to other financial institutions in the country.

This Bank offers numerous kinds of advances and renegotiating needs, and you can take home loan advances for home buys, and so forth. The most significant capacity of the bank is that it gives the biggest consumer banking to clients and independent financial ventures for small businesses.

What is Bank of America Routing Number:

BofA transit number can be effectively found in the left side bottom of your Bank check. The initial 9 digits referenced over there is the boa routing number. The Account number trails it and after that the check number of your BofA account. It would be ideal if you Note that the check number would be diverse depending on the area where your BofA account was opened.

In the U.S, there are several branches of the bank and what’s more, covers a large portion of the United Nations States. The BoA banks in each state have its own RTN number, in this manner, making it simpler to process funds transaction and better management of accounts.

For instance taking a gander at the States New York, Chicago, Michigan, Florida. Accordingly, while making funds transaction please check routing number and ensure you are utilizing the correct transmit number related with your BoA account. Any deception of numbers can prompt an off-base funds transaction.

Finding the Bank of America Routing Number Online:

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Here is a portion of the approaches to locate your bank’s routing number on the web:

  • On this page – We have recorded the boa routing number for checking financial accounts and wire transfers.
  • Bank of America internet banking – You will have the option to get your bank of america routing number by signing into web-based banking.
  • Check or Bank Statement- Bank -issued check or bank statement.
  • Fed wire – You can look into the official rtn number on the official site of the Federal Reserve.

These numbers is very important to make sure that the funds have been received by the recipient without any problems. You always need to ensure that you are using the right rtn number for a specific bank account.

States or Region – Bank of America Routing Number:

State / Region Paper Electronic
Wire Transfer
Alabama 051000017 051000017 026009593
Alaska 051000017 051000017 026009593
Arizona 122101706 122101706 026009593
Arkansas 082000073 082000073 026009593
California 121000358 121000358 026009593
Colorado 123103716 123103716 026009593
Connecticut 011900571 011900254 026009593
Delaware 031202084 031202084 026009593
Florida, East 063000047 063100277 026009593
Florida, West 063100277 063100277 026009593
Georgia 061000052 61000052 026009593
Hawaii 051000017 051000017 026009593
Idaho 123103716 123103716 026009593
Illinois – South 081904808 081904808 026009593
Illinois – North 071000505 071000505 026009593
Illinois – Chicago Metro 071103619 081904808 026009593
Indiana 071214579 071214579 026009593
Indiana (Opened before 8/23/2008) 051000017 051000017 026009593
Indiana (Opened after 8/23/2008) 081904808 081904808 026009593
Iowa 073000176 073000176 026009593
Kansas 101100045 101100045 026009593
Kentucky 051000017 051000017 026009593
Louisiana 051000017 051000017 026009593
Maine 011200365 011200365 026009593
Maryland 052001633 052001633 026009593
Massachusetts 011000138 011000138 026009593
Michigan 072000805 072000805 026009593
Michigan (Opened before 8/23/2008) 051000017 051000017 026009593
Michigan (Opened after 8/23/2008) 081904808 081904808 026009593
Minnesota 071214579 071214579 026009593
Mississippi 051000017 051000017 026009593
Missouri East/St. Louis 081000032 081000032 026009593
Missouri West/Kansas City 101000035 081000032 026009593
Montana 051000017 051000017 026009593
Nebraska 051000017 051000017 026009593
Nevada 122400724 122400724 026009593
New Hampshire 011400495 011400495 026009593
New Jersey 021200339 021200339 026009593
New Mexico 107000327 107000327 026009593
New York 021000322 021000322 026009593
North Carolina (NC) 053000196 053000196 026009593
North Dakota 051000017 051000017 026009593
Ohio 051000017 051000017 026009593
Oklahoma 103000017 103000017 026009593
Oregon 323070380 323070380 026009593
Pennsylvania 031202084 031202084 026009593
Rhode Island 011500010 011500010 026009593
South Carolina 053904483 053904483 026009593
South Dakota 051000017 051000017 026009593
Tennessee 064000020 064000020 026009593
Texas, North (TX) 111000025 111000025 026009593
Texas, South (TX) 113000023 111000025 026009593
Utah 051000017 051000017 026009593
Vermont 051000017 051000017 026009593
Virginia 051000017 051000017 026009593
Washington 125000024 125000024 026009593
Washington DC 054001204 054001204 026009593
West Virginia051000017051000017026009593

For Wire transfer, Which BOA Routing Number to use:

In case you’re sending a domestic wire transfer, you’ll simply require the routing number for wire transfer are given in the table below. In case you’re sending an international wire transfer, you’ll additionally require a Swift code.

Type of wire transferRouting Number Bank of America
Domestic Wire Transfer026009593
International Wire Transfer to any BOA account in the USA026009593
SWIFT Code for Bank of AmericaBOFAUS3N

For ACH Transfer, Use this Bank of America Routing Number:

The ACH routing number should be incorporated for sending an ACH transfer to any BofA account. To send a domestic ACH transfer, you’ll have to utilize the ACH Routing number Bank of America which varies from state to state. To discover your ACH transiting number, check the table above. You’ll have to incorporate the ACH rtn number when sending an ACH transfer to any BOA account.

bank of america rtn number for ach transfer and wire transfer

Knowing your bank of america routing number can spare you some time when you have to achieve distinctive banking financial tasks. However, these number can contrast, contingent upon the state in which your bank account was opened and the kind of transaction you make.

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