America First Credit Union Routing Number

When you want to transfer money to your family and friends, the bank will require some information from you to carry out the transfer. Without that information, they won’t be able to transfer the money. Banks and credit unions such as American first credit union, SunTrust, etc. will need your account number and routing number.

What Is Routing Number for America First Credit Union ?

Every region has its own routing number and sometimes the RTN number is the same for the whole state. These number consists of 8 – 10 digits which identify the location of the bank where you opened your account. Most likely when you want to make a money transfer or pay money online, you need to present them your transit number. It is also known as RTN (Routing Transit Number) as well as ABA routing number.

america first credit union routing number

How Can I Find My AFCU Routing Number?

Since these routing number is common in a state therefore, everyone should know these number. Most banks, financial institutions or credit unions have a different routing number for the different state but few times you will also notice that the RTN number will be the same for all states.

In the case of American First Credit Union, these number is same for all-region. The America First Credit Union routing number (or ABA) is “324377516”. Using this number, you can make a direct deposit, wire transfer, paying utilities, tax purposes and many more.

routing number for afcu bank


You can even find your routing number on the check of American First Credit Union in just a few simple steps. Firstly, take out your check and then look on the bottom left corner of the check. Did you find some combination of numbers? If yes then you are very close.

Did you notice there are two different series of a number close to each other? The first series of 9 digits is your afcu routing number. In case you are curious what the other series tells about then it is your account number.

Are you still having troubles in finding your routing transit number? No problem because you can always rely on helpline of America First Credit Union. You can either visit your branch or you can simply call them. The call line for American First Credit Union is 1-800-999-3961.

SWIFT Code For America First Credit Union:

One of the fastest ways to send or receive money from overseas is the international wire transfer. To conduct international wire transfer, you will need to provide a routing number as well as SWIFT code. The SWIFT code signifies the authenticity of the credit union or the bank. Usually, small banks and credit union don’t have a SWIFT code.


afcu swift code

Then what is the difference between IBAN account number and SWIFT code? The answer is nothing! There is no difference in IBAN and SWIFT code, both works the same but in the case of the USA, they don’t use IBAN account number. The SWIFT code of America First Credit Union is “WFBIUS6S”.  

How Can I Transfer Money Through Wire Transfer?

Every bank or credit union has a different method of transferring money which means you need to follow the exact steps otherwise you can’t transfer money. The process is legitimate and secured. In other words, these processes ensure that the money (you will transfer) goes to the right place.

To start this process, you need to fill up the wire transfer form. The process is almost the same for both, international and domestic accounts.

  1. Fill up all the necessary parts in the wire transfer form according to the wire transfer instructions.
  2. Proof check that you wrote everything correct. After that, you need to submit it to the American First Credit Union branch. You can submit to any branch.
  3. They will provide you a customer copy. Save it in your wire transfer records for future use.
  4. The American First Credit Union will take their time to process which means you need to wait.
  5. Don’t forget to pay the fees, there is a fee for sending a wire transfer.

In case, you are wondering how to receive a wire transfer, then it is very easy. In order to receive a wire transfer, the sender should provide you the information relating to the transfer. Following things are required.

  • Transit number as well as the wire routing number
  • Financial institution name (which is America First Credit Union)
  • State, city
  • Account number
  • Type of account (savings, checking, money market, etc.)

If you want to send money overseas then you have to provide a SWIFT number as well.

Can You Please Tell Me The Fees For Wiring Money?

Either you are going for a domestic wire or international or you might be receiving or sending, you need to pay the fees for wire transfer. The fees for sending money overseas is $30 (for every transaction + intermediary bank fees) and the receiver will pay $10 (for every transaction + intermediary bank fees).

If you are sending money using domestic wire transfer then it will cost $15 (for every transaction + intermediary bank fees) and the receiver will pay $10 (for every transaction + intermediary bank fees).

Conclusion : Although the america first credit union routing number is the same for all states and it is “324377516” but you can always verify it.

Don’t forget that each and every piece of information is important because banks want to ensure that the money is not been transferred for bad use such as funding terrorist, money laundering, etc. In the end, it is been done for our good. It keeps our record clean and clear and furthermore makes us a good citizen of the United States.

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